Yoga Easy Pose

The Easy Pose is a relaxation pose that is normally practiced after the Corps Pose.

Also known as Sukhasana, the Easy Pose is perfect for meditation. To execute this pose sit on the floor or Yoga mat, bend the knees, clasp the arms around them and press until the reach the chest and the spine erects. Now release the arms and place the legs in a crossing position, letting the knees fall to the floor. Be certain the hands are on the knees and the palms are facing up.

It is important to keep the head up and the spine erect. Breathing is also important during this pose. Fill the lungs with air and hold it as long as comfortable. It is best to breathe in through the nose. The face, jaws and belly should be relaxed.

This pose should be avoided after a chronic or recent knee injury or inflammation as it could bring great discomfort. To add to the comfort level, place a folded blanket under the knees or hipbones.

This pose is highly recommended for meditation because it is not difficult to perform and it promotes inner calm and relaxation.



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